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Testimonies of our Msgr.
Josemaria Escriva


This volume contains testimonies of privileged witnesses of the way Blessed Escrivá practiced the Christian virtues, and particularly his "love for the Church with all the strength of his priestly soul."


The Founder of Opus Dei, Volume III

By Vazquez de Prada

Dream, and your dreams will fall short, Saint Josemaria Escriva told early members of Opus Dei. This third and final volume of the most extensively researched work on the founder of Opus Dei covers his years in Rome, from 1946 until his death there in 1975.





The Founder of Opus Dei, Volume II

By Andres Vazquez de Prada
HK$180.00/copy Hardbound
HK$150.00/copy Softbound

This second volume of the three-volume biography of St. Josemaria covers one of the most remarkable periods of his life: from the outbreak of the civil war in 1936 to his departure for Rome in 1946.

Yes! The Life of Josemaria
Escriva for Young Readers

By Michael Carceles and Elizabeth Torra

For children and also adults, this well-illustrated book focuses on the important milestones in the life of Josemaría Escrivá, considered one of the prominent figures in the Church of this century.

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