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Jesus, The Apostles And The Early Church

By Pope Benedict XVI

Based on Pope Benedict XVI's weekly teaching on the relationship between Christ and the Church, this book tells the drama of Jesus' first disciples — his Apostles and their associates — and how they spread Jesus' message throughout the ancient world.




Jesus Of Nazareth

By Pope Benedict XVI
HK$145.00/copy (soft b.)
HK$250.00/copy (hard b.)

In this bold, momentous work, Joseph Ratzinger—in his first book written since he became Pope—seeks to salvage the person of Jesus from recent “popular” depictions and to restore Jesus’ true identity as discovered in the Gospels. 








Seek That Which Is Above

By Pope Benedict XVI

In this beautifully illustrated book, Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) gives us profound meditations on what our life in Christ should be like as it is lived through the various Seasons and Feasts of the liturgical year.



An Invitation To Faith

By Pope Benedict XVI

As soon as he was elected to the Papacy, Benedict XVI immediately challenged the relativism of our times that rejects God, that sees nothing as definitive, and that, according to the Pope, sets as the ultimate yardstick the individual's own ego and desires alone.


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