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Called to Life

By Jacques Philippe


Author Jacques Philippe provides some answers. In his new book, Called to Life, he explains that a complete and fulfilled life is much more assured when we stop trying to chart our own course, when we realize that we are essentially creatures called by God. 


Family as Primary Educator

By Aurora Bernal, Francisco Altarejos, and Alfredo Rodriguez

This book emphasizes the community character of the family. This aspect shows that the relationships established in the family decisively affect how the child sees and understands itself, and learns how to act in society.






In the School of the Holy Spirit

By Jacques Philippe

In the School of the Holy Spirit will help you get to know the Sanctifier of your soul. It will lead you to be more attentive to the movements of the Holy Spirit in your life as you learn to love the third person of the Holy Trinity.

Saint Paul - Apostle of

By Daniel-Rops

Across 2000 years of Christian history, the accomplishments of Saint Paul still command awe and respect. From fanatical hatred of the new religion, Paul transformed himself into the most zealous of the first Christian witnesses and apostles.





Interior Freedom

By Jacques Philippe

Interior Freedom leads one to discover that even in the most unfavorable outward circumstances we possess within ourselves a space of freedom that nobody can take away, because God is its source and guarantee. Without this discovery we will always be restricted in some way and will never taste true happiness.


Daily Roman Missal in Gold

Edited by Rev. James Socias

This single volume is the complete source of the Bible passages and prayers that form the rich tapestry of our Mass. The Daily Roman Missal presents the liturgical year's worth of Sacred Scripture, allowing the faithful to follow and delve further into the Church's holy celebration.

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