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A Woman Clothed with the

By John J. Delaney

An examination of the most significant Marian apparitions of the past century. Editor John Delaney provides the historical background as well as an analysis of the apparitions.

Meet Mary: Getting to Know
the Mother of God

By Mark Miravalle

Who do you say that she is? She's a simple peasant girl they call Queen of Heaven. She's the Lord's humble servant, yet an icon of womanly strength. She's ever-virgin and mother of all; lowly and exalted; filled with grace and font of grace. Sinners fly to her, but an angel bowed. She's Mary, the mother of Jesus.





Mary of Nazareth

By Federico Suarez

Since it was first published in English in 1959, this work has stirred the hearts of thousands of readers with the author's insights into the vocation of the mother of God and how that calling translates into our own lives.

The Life of the Blessed Virgin
Mary: From the Visions of
Ven. Anne Catherine

By Tan & Publishers, Inc.

"What is it about Emmerich's books that have provoked such consistently remarkable responses? They are not merely works of uncanny power by a renowned mystic and stigmatist. They present visionary recreations of the exact details and circumstances of the events in the Gospel.

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