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A Crisis of Saints

By George William Rulter
Original Price: HK$150.00
Discounted Price: HK$75.00

The essays that comprise this collection offer a penetrating examination of the spiritual condition of 21st-century society and the modern Catholic Church. In a witty but soundly reasoned manner, the moral weakness that epitomizes the contemporary era is berated.

Everything You Ever Wanted
to Know About Heaven, but
Never Dreamed of Asking

By Peter Kreeft
Original Price: HK$110.00
Discounted Price: HK$77.00

"Standing on the shoulders of C.S. Lewis," Kreeft provides a look at the nature of heaven. A refreshingly clear, theologically sound glimpse of the "undiscovered country."





Marriage and the Family in the Documents of the Magisterium: A Course in the Theology of Marriage

By Ramon Garcia De Haro De Goytisolo
Original Price: HK$170.00
Discounted Price: HK$100.00

From 1975 through 1990, I taught a graduate course at The Catholic University of America on Christian Marriage and the Family, and currently I annually teach a course on Marriage in the Christian Tradition at the John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and the Family in Washington, D.C.

Opus Dei-Leadership and
Vision in Today’s Catholic

By Vittorio Messori
Original Price: HK$150.00
Discounted Price: HK$75.00

Well-known Italian Catholic journalist Messori, who collaborated with John Paul II on Crossing the Threshold of Hope (Knopf, 1994), here examines Opus Dei ("Work of God") as an outsider.

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