Overseas projects



Saxum is a two-fold project:

Saxum Conference Center
A place for spiritual retreats and conferences inspired by the teachings of Saint Josemaria Escriva, founder of Opus Dei, where faithful from all over the world who desire a renewed encounter with Jesus Christ and the Gospels can experience a new conversion and deepen their desire for holiness and evangelization.

Saxum Multimedia Resource Center
This is an orientation and information center for tour guides and visitors to the Holy Land. The center will offer interactive and multimedia resources that will highlight the Christian heritage and the Jewish roots of the faith. Its aim is to provide to people of different religions a good foundation for visiting and understanding the holy sites.

Saxum Foundation has established agreements with Foundations in various countries to facilitate the donation process locally. In Hong Kong East Asian Educational Association (EAEA) has agreed to receive such donations on behalf of Saxum Foundation and to remit such deductions (without deducting any charges there from) to Saxum Foundation.


www.Sinaworld.cn is a training and educational website in China sponsored by EAEA and Intermedia Consulting S.r.l (“Intermedia”), a non-profit consultancy company based in Rome whose main objective is promoting good values in field of education, family, mass media and entertainment. The objective of www.Sinaworld.cn is to be a specialist in providing continuing education in the context of a life-long training companion acting as a bridge to sources of good Western thought and values to help university students, young professionals, parents, CEOs throughout different stages of life continue to improve and excel in whatever they are doing.

Technical Faculty Maintenance Engineering (TFME)

EAEA was instrumental in the establishment of the technical Faculty of Maintenance Engineering in 1991, a partnership between Guangzhou University and Instituto per Cooperazione Universitaria, an Italian NGO which specializes in educational projects all over the world. TFME has evolved and is today the Information Technology and Electro-mechanical School of Guangzhou University.

Workshops and Seminars for Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SME). EAEA has previously set up the International Centre for Technical and Cultural Exchange in Guangzhou, which provided training to a total of three hundred SMEs.


VIESPA IT Training Institute: EAEA conducted a management-training program for the management team and teaching staff of the VIESPA Training Centre in Hanoi, Vietnam in 2004 and 2005. The aim of the program was to help the management team acquire the capability to offer and deliver top-quality IT training programs and respond to and meet the changing demands of their target market.


In Macau, through a locally incorporated association of the same name, language courses and personal instruction is provided through the Jingdo Language Centre.


In Singapore, EAEA provides support to the Family Enrichment Society (FES), which conducts a Master’s program on Family Education and organises family-related conferences and seminars. FES also runs youth clubs.


In Taiwan, EAEA has been cooperating with the China Educational and Exchange Association (CECEA). One of its projects is the He Shan Residence Hall. CECEA has been collaborating with the University of New South Wales to administer the International Assessment for schools among the secondary schools in Taipei.